Common Roofing Problems & How to Prevent Them

Common Roofing Problems & How to Prevent Them

Common Roofing Problems to Watch For

Roofing issues are a common concern for home and business owners alike, impacting the safety and comfort of their living and work spaces.

In this article, the experienced contractors at ACS Roofing will tackle the important discussion of some of the most common roofing problems you’re likely to find on your home or business’ roof.

In addition, we’ll provide guidance on how to effectively prevent and address them.

1. Roof Leaks & Moisture

The most frequent roofing challenge is roof leaks, often arising from broken shingles.

You’ll typically find roof leaks occurring near chimneys, gutters, flashing points, vents, or pipes. To locate a leak, inspect the attic for water stains, mold, or black marks with a flashlight.

In homes or businesses with vaulted ceilings where attic access is not possible, a roof inspection becomes necessary. Professional roofers are best suited for identifying and fixing such leaks.

2. Shingle Damage

Shingles can break or come loose due to worn down sealant, aging over time, natural wear and tear from the elements (such as winter weather, hail, wind, or heavy rain), or by animals crawling or nesting on your roof.

An easy fix for the common roofing problem of shingle damage is to replace the affected shingles, which are available for purchase individually or in boxes. Handy homeowners can undertake this task, but professional assistance is recommended for extensive damage.

If there is significant damage, a full asphalt shingle replacement may be required. Find out more here in our article about whether to repair or replace your roof.

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3. Flashing Damage

Flashing, made of plastic or sheet metal, is crucial for protecting creases around fixtures like skylights and chimneys, as well as venting pipes beneath roofing materials. Cracked or loose flashing makes these areas susceptible to water and moisture.

Regularly inspect and replace any damaged flashing. This process may require removing surrounding materials like shingles, a task best handled by a roofing contractor if you’re not experienced in roofing repairs.

4. Stagnant or Pooling Water

Clogged gutters or debris accumulation on the roof can lead to stagnant water, which is detrimental to roofing materials. Standing water in your gutters and roof is particularly prevalent in flat roofs and can be addressed by creating tapered areas for water runoff.

Regular roof inspections by professionals are advisable to prevent long-term roofing damage.

5. Frozen Water

In cold climates, roofs are prone to reduced lifespan due to ice and snow. Melting ice can lead to water stagnation and subsequent penetration under the roof, causing damage. Additionally, freezing water expands and can push against shingles, creating openings for more water infiltration.

Regular roof checks are essential in these conditions to identify and rectify issues promptly.

Common Roofing Problems

6. Damaged Roofing Materials

Is your roof showing signs of possible damage? Various roofing materials, including shingles, tiles, nails, and sealants, can deteriorate due to environmental factors.

Regular maintenance is key to identifying issues like holes, shrinking materials, or damaged flashing before they escalate into severe problems. Read more here about the silent signs you have a damaged roof.

7. Tree Damage

Damage from both large and small tree branches is a common problem. Even small branches can erode the roof surface over time. To prevent this, trim any branches that reach the roof.

In cases where trees pose a significant threat, consider removing them.

Common Roofing Problems: In Conclusion

Addressing roofing problems promptly is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your roof. Regular inspections, either personally or by a professional roofer at ACS Roofing, can help identify issues before they become significant.

If you’re facing a roofing problem or believe it’s time for a maintenance check, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Ensuring the health of your roof not only secures your home but also saves you from potential costly repairs in the future.

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